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About MJJ Solar and Electrics

MJJs Solar and Electrics offers solar panel installation and maintenance services that fit every budget and need. We know solar as we have installed for over 900 clients and over 10 Mega Watts of power, all around Central Coast and other areas. 

With an MJJ’s Solar and Electrics workshop located at Morisset and a team of electricians, installers and solution consultant based on the central coast, we can provide timely assistance and installation for our clients by a team with local knowledge. 

MJJs use all of our own Employees and do not engage contractors to do our installations. This means we can confidently say, that your installation will be completed with our core values – Quality, Customer Commitment, Integrity & Teamwork. Our experienced team in the office will ensure that your transition to solar is smooth and pain free. We do 90% of the heavy lifting when it comes to paperwork and processes.

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6/40 Accolade Avenue Morisset NSW

1300 924 722


Equipment supplied and installed:

Works with the following brands:

We look at your usage, roofline, surroundings and budget then tailor a system that is right for you.




Electrical Contractor’s License:


Australian Owned and Operated in business since which year?
In business for over 12 years

Current size of your workforce?
17 full-time and 6 part-time/casual staff

What warranties do you provide on the installation?
We offer solar panels with warranty between 10 years and 25 years. Inverter warranties range from 5 years to 12 years. However, we can offer extended
manufacturers’ warranties on certain brands we use, which can then be increased to 20 and
25 years.

What relevant accreditations to do currently hold?
SAA (Solar Accreditation Australia) accredited to design, supply and install solar systems, battery systems and off-grid systems

Note: From February 2024, the administration of national accreditation schemes previously run by the Clean Energy Council have been taken over by Solar Accreditation Australia.

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