Working Group

Awareness & Knowledge Sharing

Welcome to Awareness & Knowledge Sharing

This working group aims to pull together and share information from reliable sources to inspire everyone in our community to take the next step in our journey towards net zero. This may include local case studies and findings from the Electrify Bouddi working groups.
Electrify Bouddi Launch Party promotional poster

Where do we begin

Our first priority is to organise the Electrify Bouddi Launch Party as a celebration of positive environmental action and to act as an inspiration for our community.

To be held at the Killcare Surf Club on 4th May 2024, this event will feature stalls and practical demonstrations to inform and empower our community. We aim to organise activities for all ages that will support householders to take practical steps to tackle some of the challenges our environment is facing right now.

In addition, our working group:

  • Aims to run monthly open forums on the first Thursday of each month at the Hardys Bay Club where topical issues are discussed.
  • Provides regular updates here on our website and  to our local community groups and publications, including Talking Turkey
  • Electrify Bouddi DIY t-shirt screenprint. Bring along a t-shirt to any Electrify Bouddi event and we’ll screenprint it for you!

Save the date for our April forum: 4 April 2024 6.30pm, Hardys Bay Club: How do we DECARBONISE our community?

Where do we go from here?

This really depends on how much time members are willing and able to devote to helping us. 

As the other working groups progress, we’ll be generating lots of information, however we are reliant upon volunteers to help spread the word using all types of media.


Working Group FAQ’s

You may have good communication skills, or experience with organisating or running events; or you may be a good ideas person. Even if you have no experience in these areas, we will find a role for you, so please get involved and be part of shaping the energy future of our community.

Right now, we need help with booking stall holders, speakers, etc. Then we will need to promote the event, and of course we will need volunteers to run the event on the actual day.

Yes, feel free to come to meetings so that we can benenfit from your opinions and you can see if there is a role for you.

Join a working group

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