About Electrify Bouddi


Electrify Bouddi is a not-for-profit community association for Bouddi residents and local businesses who want to reduce their climate impact, build climate resilience and save money on energy.

We generate and share information, knowledge and guidance to develop individual and community-level energy solutions. We seek to address the challenges of navigating multiple sources of information and the limitations of acting individually or passively waiting for governments to act. We collate and filter information, build a network of engaged community members and offer inspiration and opportunities to take positive action.

We have set up the following working groups to help us on our mission. 

Working Groups

Awareness & Knowledge Sharing

This working group aims to pull together and share information from reliable sources to inspire everyone in our community to take the next step in our journey towards net zero. This may include local case studies and findings from the Electrify Bouddi working groups.

Electrify Our Community

We want to understand how to minimise CO2 emissions resulting from the energy use in our area by better matching our usage to the availability of renewable energy sources. Electrify Bouddi is collecting information on our community’s energy demand and supply so we can examine exciting options such as a community battery, power sharing, and new solar installations.

Electrify Your Home

We all need access to the right information to make decisions about electrifying our homes to suit our circumstances.  We aim to provide reliable information to help householders and local businesses decide the best course of action to reduce their carbon emissions.  And we plan to help the community by engaging expert tradespeople and exploring the bulk purchasing of whitegoods and appliances.

Join a working group

If you wish to be actively involved in Electrify Bouddi, you should join a Working Group! This is where we get to grips with a topic, educate ourselves, and plan what we should be doing. 

Tick the boxes below for the topics that most interest you and one of our team will contact you to discuss how you can best participate.

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