Electrify Bouddi

Privacy Statement

As a not-for-profit incorporated association, Electrify Bouddi is not covered by the Privacy Act.1 However, we believe it is best practice to inform you to the best of our knowledge how we are collecting and managing personal information, and provide you with contact details should you like to discuss this at any time. With this in mind, please find relevant information on privacy below:

1. What personal information does Electrify Bouddi collect and hold?

We are required to collect the following information and house it on a register in NSW—if you choose to be a member:

  • Full name, residential, postal or email address, date on which the person became member and if the person ceases to be a member, the date on which this occurred.

We collect and hold only personal information provided by you through the website, which incudes your name and address (should you choose to include your address) and information you provide on your pattern of energy use.

2. How do we collect and hold personal information?

We collect information via the online Membership form and the survey on our website.

3. What is the purposes for which we collect the personal information?

To help support and coordinate volunteers participation in this community initiative, increase our understanding of how energy is used within our area and to comply with our requirements as an Incorporated Association.

4. How can you access your personal information and seek its correction?

Please contact us on: : info@electrifybouddi.org

5. How can you make a complaint about your personal information how we will handle
your complaint?

Please contact us on: : info@electrifybouddi.org

You can find more information on how to make a complaint at the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner


6. Who are we likely to disclose the information to?

If you chose to be a member of Electrify Bouddi, under our obligations as an Incorporated Association, other members are able to search the register of members. However, information about a member, other than the member’s name, must not be made available for inspection if the member requests that the information not be made available. Further information is provided in Electrify Bouddi’s constitution (section 4).

We will provide information about your interests in the various working groups to the working group coordinators so they can contact you to arrange forums and meeting to progress this initiative.

7. Are we are likely to disclose the information to a third party or an overseas recipient?

Other than to meet our legal obligations, we will not pass on any information to a third party.

1. Please refer to the Office of the Information Commissioner for more information: https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacyguidance-for-organisations-and-government-agencies/organisations/small-business

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