Let’s double the number of solar roofs in Bouddi!

Installing rooftop solar panels is one of the most effective ways most of us can tackle climate change, and it saves us money at the same time. We estimate that each new solar rooftop may save $40,000 in energy bills over its lifetime, and 100 tonnes of CO2.

Which is why Electrify Bouddi aims to double the number of households with solar panels over the next 2 years.

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Our latest survey of rooftops in Bouddi shows that only 19% of houses have solar panels, which is less than half the national average. Although we estimate 17% of roofs suffer from excessive shading, there are over 60% of householders that are missing out on the opportunity to reduce fuel bills and cut greenhouse emissions.

Electrify Bouddi aims to help our residents to take advantage of Australia’s cheapest form of power.  Our new Path to Solar webpage provides guidance to going solar, and information on our high quality and reliable local installation partners.

But, this is only the start! Over the next year, we will be organising a range of new initiatives designed to make going solar easier for all residents that wish to save fuel bills and cut greenhouse emissions.  And for those that live in shady spots, we are investigating ways to enable you to buy locally generated solar energy from your neighbours.

Doubling the number of local solar rooftops is estimated to save a total of $12million in fuel bills and 30,000 tonnes CO2, over the average life of solar panels.

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