Rooftop Solar Potential in Bouddi

Do you know what a 4 MW power station looks like?  It looks exactly like the roofs in Bouddi that currently don’t have solar panels!

A study being undertaken by Electrify Bouddi volunteers has found that only 17% of nearly 1,000 households in our community currently have solar panels, compared to a national average of over 30%.

By examining aerial photographs of each rooftop, our team of assessors estimate that at least 65%  of our households are missing out on the opportunity to save money and greenhouse gas emissions by installing solar panels.

This untapped potential is roughly equivalent to adding 4 MW of new local generation capacity to displace electricity generated by fossil fuels.

This is just one of the many projects Electrify Bouddi has underway – come along to one of our Forums at the Hardys Bay Club to hear more!


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