Electrify Bouddi

Home Energy Survey

The aim of this home survey is to build up a picture of how our community uses energy at present. It will also help us to identify the best opportunities to reduce greenhouse emissions and costs, and shape our future actions.

None of the information provided here will be used for any purposes other than for those identified by Electrify Bouddi, or shared with any third parties. If you are concerned with how we might use this information, please see our Privacy Statement.

Please fill in as much as you can!

Hot Water
Please tick the box that best describes your water heating system
Please tick the boxes that best describes how you heat your home
How many of the following are used in your house?
What type of cooking appliances do you use?
What type of lighting do you use in your home?
How many of the following are used in your house?
Roof Insulation
Do you have insulation in your roof?
Do you have any of the following?

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